a negative mind will never give you a positive life How you think effects how you live. How you live effects the people around you and how they live. How you think is a big part on what you become and what you achieve in life. When focusing on what’s negative in life, we tend … More

Angels surrounding us

      Wanda wandered out of her friend’s house. She looked down at her phone, it glared  1:09 AM. She crossed 11th street and started walking on 12th street to get to her house. She turned the corner onto 10th street. She walked a few steps and then she heard gunshots. She screamed and started running. She … More Angels surrounding us

What battle?

Now your probably wondering what battle belongs. Well in the song “Battle belongs” by Phil Wickham it says O God the battle belongs to you. I am a firm believer of the concept that everything happens for a reason whether that be good or bad. I believe that also in are trials the glory belongs … More What battle?